Whitney Houston Dies – So What?

Of course anyone with eyes and ears knows that Whitney Houston died in her hotel room Saturday. What I don’t get is, why is this news? Did anyone really give a shit about Whitney Houston before she went and overdosed on everything within arm’s reach?

Rick James says that coccaine is a helluva drug. Whitney agrees.

Is it unfortunate? Yes. Is it tragic? Probably. However, thousands of people die tragic deaths every day and the news media doesn’t spatter that all over the air waves.Why is it different when it’s a celebrity? Worse yet, a has-been celebrity. Case in point: Michael Jackson was a child molester on Wednesday June 24th 2009. On Thursday he dies. On Friday he’s a saint and everyone wants to make a movie about him to show how awesome he was.

Is there really such little newsworthy stories out there that the US media companies have to beat this into the ground? Seriously, there’s something out there worth caring about. This isn’t it. Move on.

For Christ’s sake, Ron Paul can’t get more than 90 seconds worth of air time in a debate, but they’ve beat this horse postmortem for 48 hours continuously. It’s either the news media’s fault for not having their priorities straight, or it’s the general public’s fault for caring more about a dead celebrity than they do about the future of their own country.

Paint, Stain, Trim and Closet Organizers

T minus 2 weeks and counting until the arrival of our 3rd child. Apparently that means that the entire house needs to be re-organized and remodeled. David and my new Miter SawAfter my first attempt at cutting solid oak trim with a dull hand saw, I quickly realized that something a bit more heavy duty was required. I had long since wanted to purchase a compound miter saw, but never really had the justification to do so… until now. Say hello to my new Rigid 12″ Compound Miter Saw. I decided to give Home Depot a little more of my money and purchase the Rigid “Miter Saw Utility Vehicle” as well. At first I wasn’t sure it was worth the extra money, but after having assembled and used it, let me say that it was the best thing I could have done. It’s nice because in a matter of seconds, I can pack the saw away in a vertical configuration and wheel it off to a corner of the garage for storage. When you have limited space in your garage to begin with, this is perhaps the best accessory imaginable. It also makes it a simple task to whip the saw out for quick jobs. Instead of having to set up saw horses and a work space, all I have to do is wheel this out, pop it up and start making cuts.

So aside from the trim, we’ve also been painting and building shelves. Jenn picked out this awful pink color for the baby’s room. Imagine if 200 Care Bears all ate 5 strawberry This is what I imagine Care Bear vomit looks likemilkshakes each, and then vomited in a room… That’s what this pink looks like. I tried to take a picture of it, but my camera fails to pick up the excruciating pinkness of this pink.

Thankfully, the boys room is almost done. We painted it blue, I cut down the loft bed by about 10″ for Joe to use, put up some heavy-duty shelves made of 3/4″ oak plywood and I put in a new Closet Maid closet organizer.

Only a few more weeks left and then I get to rest… for a little while anyway. We intend to keep the trend going and soon hope to continue our remodeling efforts in the basement. It’s about time I built that bar / office I’ve always wanted. (Yes, you can have an office in a bar. You just don’t always get as much work done as you originally intend.)