Seriously Thirsty

So I filled the gas tank on my truck for the first time yesterday. I discovered 3 things while attempting to fill a bottomless pit with fuel:

Compu-burban says I’ll get 500+ miles out of a single tank!

  1. My truck has the optional 31 gallon tank instead of the standard 26 gallon tank.
  2. The gas pump stops you at $90 and makes you put your credit card in again, as if to say: “Hey, we think your tank has a big hole in it and it’s just pouring this stuff out on the ground.”
  3. It costs $107 and change to fill it at current prices. (No, I don’t remember the price. I stopped looking long ago and I’m a much happier person for it. Oh, and I’m too lazy to do the math to figure out an estimate.)

The good news is, now I can drive to our plant in Pennsylvania, drive around for a week and not have to gas up until I’m already on my way home.

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