The Chika Williams Saga

The following is an exact transcription of my efforts to waste the time of a Nigerian 419 scammer

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I receive these things all the time, and just shitcan them as quickly as I get them. One day, I decided that I’d see what happened if I wrote back. I started off with a very simple and lame response. What happened after that was a riot! I actually kept this guy going, while I conversed with him through three different email accounts. He was under the impression that he was dealing with 3 seperate people, and even started a torrid love affair with one of them!

I never expected this dipshit to go along with me for 3 months! He must have been really desperate to go to the great lengths that he did. Nonetheless, he was a quite amusing part of my day for the three months in question. I kinda miss typing to my African friend Chika!

Everything has been left in tact, including grammatical errors and whatnot. This guy’s english seemed to get worse as he grew more impatient. The only thing that I have censored out of the original emails was my personal cell phone number. I did, in fact, give him my cell number. I believe he tried to call it twice one day, but declined to leave a message.

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