It’s Not Yours to Close

Since when did a public memorial become the property of the government? Last I checked, the government was supposed to work for “The People.” Now if they want to stop providing grounds keeping and janitorial services for public parks, that’s all fine and dandy. But by no means should they have the authority to bar entrance to places that are “public.”

Closed due to Dumbasses

Of course the explanation is obvious. Each government program is faced with the realization that this shutdown is hardly going to make life difficult for anyone by itself. I can’t for the life of me figure out how ceasing all IRS audits is really going to make people regret letting the government shut down. So in a desperate attempt to make people notice them, much like a 3 year old throwing a temper tantrum, government agencies have gone out of their way to piss people off and blame it on the “shutdown.”

So here’s a question for you: How goddamned stupid do you have to be in order to keep trying to push your regulatory agenda upon the American Public after they’ve told you, “No, we’re not going to pay for it, even if it means shutting down everything you do!”

The simple answer is unfortunately, goddamned stupid enough to be Barack Obama.

A worse question is, “How goddamned stupid do you have to be to vote for Barack Obama?”

According to the FEC (which is shut down right now except for their website), the answer is: You must be less intelligent than 48.94% of people who voted in the 2012 Presidential Election.

I hope that the idiots comprising the 51.06% that voted for him are happy with their choice. So, if you’re reading this and wondering to yourself, “Hey, did he just call me an idiot?” the answer is an emphatic yes. Yes I did. Take some solace in the fact that you figured it out. You’re probably in the upper echelon of the idiots.

Presidential Non-Debates 2012

Anyone watch the presidential debates last night? I sure as hell didn’t waste my time with it. Why am I not concerned with how well the 2 presidential candidates do in the debates? Well that deserves a multi-part answer.

Reason #1 – There are more than 2 candidates for president on every ballot in every state!
I refuse to lend any credence to a debate that will not allow all candidates to participate. This is anything but a debate. It is a media event, but not a debate. It is meant to promote the political parties, not to educate the public. This farce of an event has only one specific purpose: to convince the American public that these are your only two choices. The truth of the matter is that Gary Johnson, a Libertarian candidate, will be right there on the ballot next to the other two. Most people don’t know that, and the Republicans and Democrats both agree that they’d like to keep it that way. Ask yourself why they want to edge out the competition? Is it because it is better for our country or is it because of greed and power? You’re not an idiot. You decide.

Reason #2 – If your only choices are Republican or Democrat, then you’re fucked either way.
Both participants will promise you that they can make things better and give you more and keep you safe, etc… And why shouldn’t they? They’ve been promising that shit for years and not delivering on it, and yet the general populace continues to eat it up and vote for them. Vote Democrat or vote Republican – it doesn’t matter. You’re voting for bigger government, more restrictions, less freedom and more taxes.

Reason #3 – Neither one of these clowns would stand a chance in a debate with a Libertarian candidate.
This is exactly why they will not even utter the word “Libertarian.” They will pretend the party doesn’t exist. They will pretend that there is no alternative. Each Republican and Democrat will pretend as though they have only one opponent. As long as they continue to pretend that and the general public continues to watch this crap on television, then they will succeed in convincing enough people that it’s the truth.

It’s a shame that Ron Paul didn’t get the Republican nomination. He was as close as either the Republicans or the Democrats will ever come to actually changing the country. What’s worse is that I’ve seen many of the Ron Paul supporters shift their support to vote against Obama. Well you can’t vote against someone when there are more than 2 options. You have to vote for someone. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself on all the options before making a decision.

Seriously, people need to stop voting against the candidate they hate and start looking for a candidate they like. Remember, the lesser of two evils is still evil.