Pro Tip #4

Scenario: You pull up to a strange gas station in the middle of a corn field somewhere in Ohio. You grab one of the nozzles from the pump, and remark under your breath how these hicks still use these ancient, huge pump nozzles that were likely used for leaded fuels. Then you swipe your credit card, hoping that this isolated hick-town gas station has seen a credit card before. Then you select the 93 Octane button and squeeze the pump handle, because your Harley touring bike deserves nothing but the best.

Tip: When the pump fails to start pumping and still tells you that you need to select a fuel grade, don’t start cursing the pump with the most foul language ever uttered in a corn field for the supposed malfunction. Instead take a step back, take the time to read words, and realize that this “malfunction” just prevented you from filling the tank of your Harley Davidson with diesel fuel.