Windows Server 2012 First Impression

So I took the frowny-face’s advice and searched for the HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED error. As it turns out, this error occurs because Server 2012 will not install on ESXi 4.1. Looks like we won’t be running any Server 2012 for a while then! I’ll just have to play with it on my VMware Workstation 9 install.

Pro Tip #3

Windows Phone 7, Exchange ActiveSync and error 85010014:

If you recently set a user’s password to expire so that they have to change it upon their next login, and you’re setting up their email account on a new Windows phone at the same time, you might get ActiveSync error 85010014.

Hint: It’s because you set their password to expire, dipshit!

I spent far too long reading troubleshooting guides before I figured that one out.
Hopefully this post will spare someone the same fate.